Video Email

The Best With Covideo You Will

 Directly connect your ideas verbally and visually
No more impersonal messages that get lost in inboxes and don’t relay the personal attention that today’s customers today are expecting.

 Record & Deliver dynamic messages that compel your target audience into action
No more distant and generic messages that are open for interpretation, are un-productive, and create confusion.

 Conduct timely follow-up after immediately being alerted your message has been read
No more back and forth voicemails or mystery about an individual that is engaged or not.

 Send video email messages via Outlook or your mobile device
No more “incompatible systems” or “on-the-go” excuses –Covideo has adapted to your preferred email messaging methods (as well as you customers’) to ensure smooth video communication.

For dealers Social Media creates convenience for potential customers, and builds loyalty

 Record, Upload, Send.
Covideo allows you to send a video which helps you interact on a more personal level, build relationships quickly and reinforce your brand, all with one deceptively simple product.

 Record & Upload
Creating your Covideo’s is a snap with our desktop recorder. We value your time which is why we allow you to upload videos up to 1GB in size each. Record, preview, save and send videos in a flash.

 Outlook Integration
Covideo Outlook Add-in is integrated directly so users can create and send video emails to their contacts in a snap! No more switching from one to another, just click on the Covideo toolbar right in Outlook and pouf!

Take Covideo with you wherever you go! With the Covideo mobile apps you can record and store videos in your Covideo library without being tethered to your desk. Use it to record a personalized video when you are out of the office or for a product demonstration.

 CRM Integration
Make the most of your emails when you include videos. Our product easily integrates with nearly all CRM systems for maximum flexibility.

Our extensive, real-time reports graphically display not only who watched the video, but which sections and how many times.

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