Social WIFI

Social WIFI for Auto Dealerships

TStrich Automotive Social Wifi Gets More Local Mobile Buyers

Capture their attention from the moment they walk in the door with your very own branded Social Wifi login page. And their attention isn’t all you’ll be capturing, as you’ll be collecting valuable email addresses and phone numbers every time someone logs in. Building your email database is crucial for future marketing efforts such as follow-ups and reviews.

You Give Away Free WiFi… Why Not Switch to TSTRICH SMART WiFi? Direct users to a web page dedicated to helping people buy cars from you. Capture user contact details and demographic data. Capture details of people looking round your forecourt, even when your offices are closed!

Communicate with potential customers during their visit with marketing messages, like offering 0% finance or information on test drives and special offers. Communicate with customers following their visit with specific messages for days, weeks and months after they visited.

Transform an unproductive 10 minutes in your waiting room to a valuable data capture and marketing opportunity.Allow each Wi-Fi user to ‘Like’ your Facebook page and post positive messages to their friends.

Turn More Prospects Into Customers

  • We Build the marketing list that really counts
  • Retarget indecisive prospects
  • Gain New Followers by directing your guests to Like your Facebook Page
  • We Automate surveys, promotions and “We Miss You” emails to your guests
  • We Engage with your loyal customers through social media and email
  • Captures emails and social followers.
  • For loyal guests, greet them with a special offer, during their visit!
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