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Brand Awareness for Auto Dealerships

TStrich Brand Awareness

Sales Data Geo-Based Bid Adjustments.
That’s a long name for a feature, so stay with us as we break down how this makes each of one of your marketing dollars more effective.

Sales Data Mapping

Fuel integrates your sales data in real-time and then maps out where each customer lives in relation to your dealership. This enables you to always know where your sales are coming from, and where they’re not.

Using TSTRICH Sales Data Integration ensures your budget is always focused on your top converting neighborhoods until saturation, at which point the geo-targets are adjusted. This takes paid search efficiency to a new level.

Automotive brand awareness has probably not been a priority in your inbound marketing initiatives. Generally, big car manufacturers elevate a car’s brand nationwide. However, generating brand awareness of your specific dealership is just as important.

How to increase brand awareness for your car dealership

  • Emphasise the benefits your target market values most.
  • We make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • We provide additional value to your customer.
  • We Leverage the power of email marketing.
  • We Engage with your loyal customers through social media and email
  • Captures emails and social followers.
  • For loyal guests, greet them with a special offer, during their visit!

TStrich Keyword Intent Bidding

Fuel puts your inventory in front of the searchers most likely to buy soon by creating strategic bid adjustments based on their search intent.

Fuel knows that descriptive searches that include Color, Trim, or Model Year reveal that the searcher is close to purchasing — so when you have a vehicle on your lot that matches exactly what someone is looking for, Fuel automatically bids higher to push that ad up the search results page!

These strategy adjustments happen in real-time, helping you easily connect with your low funnel shoppers without needing to lift a finger.

At TSTRICH, we have established two successful marketing tactics that not only promote your dealership’s brand awareness but ALSO generate you more, new businesses.

Building automotive brand awareness for your dealership is a long-term strategy, but one that produces significant dividends.

Including a strong social media campaign, unique value propositions and tailored marketing initiatives in your inbound marketing plans will make your dealership the destination of choice for your target consumers.

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