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Message Message to GM,s Internet is the Future

Craigslist Has More Traffic Than Autotrader And Combined.

 If You Aren’t Advertising On Craigslist, You’re Missing Out On 1st Party, Ready-To-Buy Leads. Vehicles are only posted on peak days and times for your specific market.

 Our Craigslist Program Has Helped Dealers Triple Their Used Inventory Conversions and Quintuple Their ROI

 So become your local celebrity auto dealer..Declare it and become it…and make it exciting!
As we have said, IG is about establishing your self as a local Brand with integrity…who just happens to also sell automobiles.

For dealers Social Media creates convenience for potential customers, and builds loyalty

 This strategic approach has never been more applicable to automotive retail than it is now, what with the usual intense competition with other dealerships, and customers having higher expectations than ever.

 Today, social media is a powerful tool for consumers to determine where they should do business. For dealers, 60% percent of a car buyer’s time is spent shopping online, so using social media creates convenience for potential customers.

 This means your dealership needs a social media presence that is active, up to date at all times, and engaging.

 There are four ways to appeal to the audience your dealership wishes to connect with and in conjunction, can help you generate higher engagement, possible leads, and website traffic.Automotive Posts,Local Posts,
Blog Syndication and Inventory Posts.

 Trying to grow your Facebook page without a strategy is like jumping into a lake not knowing how to swim. It is that simple. Not having a Facebook strategy automatically sets your page up for failure.

 This means your dealership needs a social media presence that is active, up to date at all times, and engaging.


Once someone buys a vehicle from you, your relationship is often just beginning. You want them to keep you in mind as their first choice for the next time they’re looking to upgrade their vehicle


At TStrich, we make it a point to promote every single piece of content we create on social media. The second we publish a blog post, landing page, or eBook, we schedule several different posts across.


TStrich can help you network with new contacts by creating posts that encourage likes and shares. In addition to organic posts, which are shown only to the people who like your page.


TStrich has experimented with Instagram to help clients increase engagement with potential customers. the vehicle features using Instagram videos, staff, service, events, and more.

VIDEO ADS Some video Samples

Dealer Video Showroom New Car & Used Car Video Test Drives. TSTRICH comes with a full lineup of new and used virtual test drives for every car you sell.

We all know racing stripes make cars go faster. So obviously, putting them on a video ad will make them sell faster. Perfect for that big sale

Car dealer commercials and pre-roll videos. We create auto dealer ads and videos which grab the attention of the audience, gets them interested.

Aerial Drone Footage, amazing results with it both on social media and shooting commercials.

You know what a blowout sale is? This style includes fire, explosions,, hot, hot promotional video.

A TV quality video ad for cars and trucks. For high-tech cars, high-tech products, and high-tech buyers.

Instagram Marketing for Auto Dealers

 Instagram is a large and still growing social network based on pictures and videos. Its huge value for you is that most people interact with Instagram from their mobile device.

 We will target specific regions on IG by using the proper geo city location hash tags. You want to establish your credibility as an auto dealer in a particular region or city
 Listing templates are A/B/C tested and are optimized to beat any competitor, Every post is robust with photos and vehicle details to help the buying decision, Every listing includes 4 ways to reach your dealership including SMS & local numbers.

Twitter Marketing for Auto Dealers

 In our experience with managing social media for dealerships, we’ve found that people rarely ask a dealership directly on Twitter, but they will certainly shop if you ask them at the right time.

 Oil changes are less intimidating than buying a car – especially on Twitter. Dealerships that use their service lanes as inbound marketing for vehicle sales might want to focus on service-related Tweets to appeal to the every day, more practical needs of their followers.

 A study by Venture Beat showed that 46% of Twitter users check Twitter at least once a day, and 29% check it multiple times per day.


Automotive Posts
Local Posts, Blog Syndication, Inventory Posts.The results? 12.5X more Cars Sold


Target High-Value Customers. Reach more auto shoppers in your area

100 %

Navigate insights about how people use mobile to research and purchase their next car.


Local Awareness Ads.
Interests Targeting allows us to target based on the posts people like and share on Facebook and Instagram

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